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The AlignUp marker has been seen and used by some of golfs most recognised figures, See below their opinions and comments on the AlignUp marker:


Mike Shannon (TPC Sawgrass Performance centre)   -   Mike's immediate reaction was, "You are on to a real winner here". Mike uses the marker in his 'line of sight' coaching philosophy and some of his players carry the marker in their bag

Dave Whelan  (IMG/Leadbetter - Director of Golf at Bradenton in Florida)   -   David's reaction was that the benefits to be achieved in more accurately lining up the ball are indisputable

Sean Foley   -   Sean's immediate reaction was that it was  brilliant. He used the marker and holed eleven out of twelve putts, the only one he missed was when he didn't use the marker. 

Bart Van Der Wind (Portugal)   -   Bart thought the device was, in his words 'just brilliant'. He now uses one himself, as do some of his students. Wants to purchase as soon as they are available

Olivier Leglise (France National Coach)   -  An immediate positive reaction and would try the device with his Tour Players

Jamie Gough  (South Africa)   -   Jamie thought the marker was 'brilliant' and took a sample to show his Tour Players

Phil Kenyon (UK National Coach)   -   Phil said it was a very good idea and would be happy to help in whatever way he could 

Hugh Marr (UK National Coach)   -   Similar reaction to Phil Kenyon, thought it was a superb idea and offered to be of whatever help he can

Andy Gorman  (UK - Queslett Park)   -   Brilliant, simple, used it with Students and wanted to know when they might be available


Mike Shannon - 720p

Mike Shannon - 720p

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