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Putt like a pro

Hole more putts with the AlignUp ball marker


The Align Up ball marker is a unique new golf product.

It is not just a ball marker, it will help you to line up the golf ball for putting and can also be used as a divot tool.

The cut out portion means that you will always replace the ball in the correct position.

It is 2" long and made from a metal alloy and finished with a powder coat giving a quality ceramic feel.

It is supplied with a black velvet pouch.

It has been ruled to conform to the Rules of Golf and is permitted for tournament use.

When you have finished lining up the ball marker, you can stand back and see exactly where the line is aiming before you line up the ball with the marker.

You cannot argue with physics in that it is easier to line up something which is flat rather than round.

The Align Up ball marker has received much praise, please check out the Reviews link.

Try one yourself and hole more putts!

How it Works

User Instructions for Alignup Marker:


Hold the spine of the Alignup marker and, from behind the ball, place the cut out section of the marker behind the ball as you would with any marker, this time using the line on the Alignup spine just to indicate the general direction of the putt.


Remove the ball and now assess your required line/break of the putt from behind the marker as normal. You may stand as far back as you wish and use the extremely visible line as well as the spine on the Alignup marker to make your choice of putting line. 


 If, for example, you believe that the required line is 6 inches to the right of the hole, REPLACE THE BALL and make the necessary adjustment to the Alignup to reflect your selected line.


You may then stand back again to determine the accuracy of your initial assessment. If you believe your initial alignment assessment to be incorrect, WITH THE BALL IN PLACE, you may make an adjustment to the spine of Alignup to make the necessary correction.


The above steps can, of course, be carried out as many times as necessary.


When you are satisfied with your selected line on the marker, now line up the line/logo on your ball with the line on Alignup.


Remove the Align Up ball marker.


 The ball is now aligned more accurately than it would be if you were using just a short line on a spherical surface of the ball and ready for holing   -   You can now putt with confidence.


With practice, use of the Alignup marker becomes as quick as the conventional method, with the benefit of a higher degree of accuracy to hitting putts on your chosen line.


Adjust Align up with chosen line of right edge.



Line up the ball and confirm Align Up and ball both right edge.



Remove Align Up and hole with confidence!



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Said I was on to a real winner here. Mike uses the marker in his 'line of sight' coaching philosophy


Said it was brilliant.

He used the marker and holed eleven out of twelve putts, the only one he missed was when he didn't use the marker!


Said it was is a very good idea and would be happy to help in whatever way he could




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